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Young Chefs Get Hands-On Cooking Experience at Little Kitchen Academy

CENTURY CITY, LOS ANGELES – Cooking is not only an art but an essential life skill, and the Little Kitchen Academy is stepping up to ensure young individuals master it. This unique academy is solely dedicated to giving children as tender as 3 years old an authentic experience in cooking and nutrition.

A single session spans three hours, providing children with an intensive experience, focusing on real-life cooking techniques and increasing their knowledge about food.

Brian Curin, the CEO and one of the co-founders of Little Kitchen Academy, shed light on the school’s mission: “The goal is to make the kids question – Where does their food originate? What does it contribute to their health? We aim to instill healthy eating habits that will benefit them for their entire lives.”

Safety is a top priority in these classes. Yet, the emphasis is heavily on promoting independence among the children. Avery Fletcher, the academy’s director, spoke about the transformative experiences many kids undergo. “For some, this might be their first venture into doing something without their parents. Observing them make decisions, venture beyond their comfort zones, and thrive is truly a sight to behold.”

Brian Curin pointed out a pressing concern that motivated the establishment of the academy. “Childhood obesity and unhealthy eating habits are glaring issues today. There’s a profound disconnect between children and healthy food, and we felt the urgent need to address this gap.”

The academy goes the extra mile by having a living food wall. This innovative approach allows children to select ingredients like herbs, fruits, and vegetables directly. Fletcher added, “Apart from cooking, the kids also get to understand fractions, explore their senses, and experiment with various ingredients, thereby discovering their preferences.”

Currently, the academy holds classes for children aged between 3 to 18 years, with aspirations to branch out to multiple locations in the future.

For more information, you can visit www.littlekitchenacademy.com

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