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The Mexican restaurant that has become ‘one of Southport’s biggest success stories’

Venue: Tik Taco Mexican Cantina, Coronation Walk, Southport town Centre.

Anthony Greenland has managed to transform his culinary passion into one of Southport’s prime dining experiences. Tik Taco Mexican Cantina, which initially commenced as a pop-up venture during the pandemic, has evolved into a town favorite.

The menu is rich in authenticity and inclusivity. Besides the vast range of tequilas, diners can expect to find many vegan and gluten-free options. And for those who enjoy a chilled beer, Tik Taco boasts the unique distinction of being the only independent restaurant in the vicinity to offer Corona Mexican lager on draught.

While the restaurant’s presence at notable local events like the Southport Flower Show and the Southport Food and Drink Festival has certainly contributed to its reputation, it’s the sense of community and familial spirit that sets Tik Taco apart. With Anthony often joined by his wife, Emma, their son, Max, and even his father Joe, it’s evident that the eatery is deeply rooted in family values.

Tik Taco’s nomination in the ‘Hidden Gems’ category of the Liverpool City Region Tourism Awards attests to the restaurant’s acclaim. Anthony emphasizes the freshness of the dishes, stating that everything is prepared daily using the finest ingredients. This commitment to quality extends from importing various chillies from Mexico to sourcing meat and fish from local suppliers.

A seasoned chef, Anthony’s culinary journey has taken him to numerous global destinations in search of the perfect dish. From the bustling kitchens of Lincoln to the authentic Mexican eateries in Riviera Maya, he has gathered a plethora of experiences. Each of these experiences finds a way onto the plates at Tik Taco, offering diners a taste of true Mexican cuisine, curated from around the world.

Tik Taco’s evolution from a mere takeaway venture to a bustling restaurant is a testament to Anthony’s belief in his concept and the unwavering support of the Southport community. In Anthony’s words, “Great food is worth travelling for,” and he hopes that Tik Taco will soon be on the must-visit list of Mexican food aficionados from all over the region.

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