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South End’s Dining Staple, The Dunavant, to Close Its Doors Soon

The Dunavant, South End Charlotte’s beloved eatery celebrated for its signature steaks and endless truffle fries, has announced its impending closure. Come September 3rd, Labor Day weekend, the restaurant will serve its final meal.

Chef and co-creator Travis Hearne took to Facebook to break the news: “Thank you so much Charlotte for letting us into your lives. It was a pleasure to serve you.” The closure comes as the restaurant’s lease was bought out to pave the way for a fresh development. The Dunavant team remains optimistic about the future, expressing their anticipation to witness the new occupant of the space they once held dear.

Having served the community for over four and a half years, the imminent closure marks an emotional chapter for The Dunavant family. They expressed deep gratitude for the patrons, fellow business owners, and neighbors that supported them throughout their journey.

Initiating its culinary journey on February 13, 2019, The Dunavant made waves with its economical date-night offering, a $25 steak and endless truffle fries combo, which adjusted for inflation, now stands at $32 per person. Hearne reminisced about the early days, revealing they went through about “20 cases of potatoes in the first weekend.”

Beyond its popular prix-fixe option, the restaurant gained traction with its diverse menu ranging from small to sizable dishes, inclusive of several vegetarian alternatives. It further cemented its reputation as a sought-after brunch destination, boasting dishes like steak and eggs, chicken and funnel cake, and lobster mac and cheese.

Customers have cherished their experiences at The Dunavant. Lauren D., a local, recommended a visit based on her enjoyable experience, particularly lauding the “chicken and funnel cake.”

The community’s reaction to the announcement has been largely sentimental, with many lamenting the loss of such a cherished establishment. Carla H. expressed her sorrow, stating she loved the “beautiful restaurant and curated space.” Others, like Marcio P., speculated on the new developments, hinting at the possibility of more apartment constructions and expressing hope that The Dunavant might resurface in another location.

Yet, amidst the varied reactions, a recurring sentiment has been the community’s appreciation for the restaurant’s resilience, especially during the challenging COVID-19 times.

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