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Rice Pudding: A Timeless Treat for National Holidays

Rice pudding has stood the test of time, proving that some classics never go out of style. Whether you prefer it warm on a chilly evening or cold on a summer afternoon, rice pudding is versatile and delightful for every season. This National Holiday, let’s dive into this easy yet scrumptious dessert recipe that promises to bring comfort and nostalgia to your festive table.

Rice Pudding Recipe


  • 4 cups of milk
  • 1/2 cup rice
  • Cinnamon sticks (quantity as per your preference for spiciness)
  • 1/3 cup sugar
  • Orange peel (optional for added zest)


  1. Preparation of Rice: Begin by washing the rice thoroughly. Continue rinsing until the water runs clear, ensuring all the starch has been removed.
  2. Milk and Cinnamon Infusion: In a saucepan, pour the cold milk. Add the cinnamon sticks, adjusting the quantity based on your preference for spiciness. Slowly bring the mixture to a boil.
  3. Cooking the Rice: As the milk starts boiling, introduce the washed rice. Cook this mixture for approximately 30 minutes. Remember to stir consistently to prevent the rice from sticking to the base of the saucepan. Continue this process until the rice is soft and the milk has reduced to half its original volume.
  4. Sweetening the Pudding: Once the rice is cooked and the milk has thickened, stir in the sugar. Let the mixture simmer for an additional 3 minutes. If you’re a fan of citrusy notes, this would be the perfect time to add in some orange zest.
  5. Cooling Down: Remove the saucepan from the heat and allow the rice pudding to cool. If you prefer it cold, place the pudding in the refrigerator. After a few hours, your chilled rice pudding will be set and ready to serve.

Serving Suggestions:
You can garnish the rice pudding with some extra orange zest, a sprinkle of ground cinnamon, or even some fresh berries. A dollop of whipped cream or a drizzle of caramel sauce can elevate this humble dessert to a gourmet level.

This National Holiday, while we remember and celebrate significant events, let’s also take a moment to enjoy the simpler pleasures in life, like a bowl of comforting rice pudding. Happy Holidays!

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