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Restaurant Introduces a “Vomit Fee” for Overindulgent Brunch-goers


In response to patrons consuming excessive amounts of mimosas during bottomless brunches, a Californian restaurant, Kitchen Story, has implemented a unique strategy to deter overindulgence: a “vomit fee.”


  • Bottomless brunches have gained significant traction as a popular dining experience where patrons can enjoy limitless drinks during their meal. The allure of unlimited Prosecco, especially when paired with delightful breakfast foods, has seen many attendees trying to maximize their intake.
  • However, this drinking trend has its drawbacks. Diners often overindulge, leading to discomfort and, in some instances, vomiting.
  • To counteract this behavior and the subsequent unpleasant aftermath, Kitchen Story has put a unique measure in place: a “vomit fee.”
  • To inform patrons, the restaurant has posted a sign in their restroom. It states, “Dear all mimosa lovers, Please drink responsibly and know your limits. A $50 cleaning fee will automatically be included in your tab when you throw up in our public areas. Thank you so much for understanding,” and ends with a light-hearted smiley face.


While bottomless brunches offer a fun dining experience, it’s essential to know one’s limits. Establishments like Kitchen Story are seeking creative measures to ensure the enjoyment and responsibility of all their patrons while also looking out for the well-being of their staff and the cleanliness of their premises.

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