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Púsù: Williamsburg’s Stylish Vegetarian Chinese Haven

Williamsburg’s gastronomic scene adds another feather to its cap with the opening of Púsù, a vegetarian Chinese delight. Nestled comfortably at 318 Bedford Avenue, Púsù brings to the table an amalgamation of traditional Chinese cuisine with a modern, plant-based twist.

Ambiance: The name Púsù, translating to “uncut gems” from Chinese, aptly describes the atmosphere of the place. With a spacious open-air design, the establishment focuses on creating a dining experience that feels both serene and genuine. Minimalist design elements blend seamlessly with the sky’s natural light pouring in from a skylight located in the back dining room.

Culinary Magic: Under the leadership of Head Chef Owen Liu, the restaurant celebrates a union of Northwestern Chinese, Hangzhou, and Cantonese flavors. The all-vegetarian menu brings forward a diverse selection ranging from dim sum and cold dishes to fulfilling noodles and shareable entrees. Signature dishes to look forward to include spinach stacks paired with a tangy sesame and spicy mustard sauce, beetroot and fennel salad, and a tantalizing sweet and sour Beyond Pork. For those seeking comfort in a bowl, the Mapo tofu pumpkin stew promises to be a heartwarming treat.

Mixology: Púsù’s cocktail offerings draw inspiration from China’s diverse landscapes, taking patrons on a journey from Farmlands to Orchards. Cocktails like the Celery promise a light and invigorating experience with a mix of celery bitters, Roku Gin, and Gentian liqueur. For those looking for a floral touch, the Osmanthus, with its hawthorn-infused Aperol and candied hibiscus, is a must-try.

Complementing the drink menu are a range of bar snacks, with the deep-fried mushrooms standing out as a healthier rendition of the classic truffle fries.

Operating Hours: Those eager to savor Púsù’s offerings can drop by between noon and 11 pm from Monday to Thursday. The weekend timings, starting from 10:30 am and stretching till 11:30 pm on Fridays through Sundays, ensure that early brunch-goers and late-night diners are equally accommodated.

As Williamsburg continues to evolve into a hub for Chinese cuisine aficionados, Púsù is sure to make its mark as a destination for those seeking a vegetarian culinary experience with a touch of style.

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