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Ostrow Brasserie: A Fresh Concept in Miami’s Buena Vista


  • A Unique Blend:
    Ostrow Brasserie, situated in Miami’s Buena Vista neighborhood, is a kosher French brasserie – a unique pairing in the culinary world.
  • Reimagined Classics:
    Chef Olivia Ostrow molds classic French dishes within the confines of kosher rules. This means excluding ingredients like pork, shellfish, and avoiding the mixing of meat and dairy. This restriction has led to a lighter culinary direction focusing on the richness of French flavors rather than heavy, cream-laden sauces.
  • Ambitious Goals:
    Chef Ostrow, with an impressive 30-year career in culinary arts, aspires to make Ostrow Brasserie the first Michelin-starred kosher restaurant in Florida.
  • Menu Sneak-Peek:
    Dinner is the first meal to be introduced, with lunch and brunch on the horizon. Some tantalizing dishes include Lyonnaise salad with tarragon vinaigrette, crab cakes complemented by truffle beet mousse, and the chef’s special lamb paupiette.
  • Cultural Fusion:
    Ostrow Brasserie goes beyond French with a crudo sushi bar, introducing a mix of French and Japanese flavors. The drink menu consists of kosher wines, beers, Champagne, and sake.
  • A Vibrant Atmosphere:
    The spacious restaurant, with a capacity to host 150 diners, is adorned with eclectic art pieces, including a prominent Art Nouveau mural. The opalescent river rock bar provides guests with a view into the kitchen, turning meal preparation into a performance.
  • Outdoor Experience:
    For those who prefer al fresco dining, there’s a lush, dog-friendly garden patio at the back of the restaurant, ready to host regular diners and private events alike. Adding to the vibrant atmosphere, DJs will be a part of the weekly entertainment.

Location and Timing:
Ostrow Brasserie can be found at 4850 NW 2nd Ave. It currently welcomes diners for dinner from Sunday to Thursday.

In the heart of Miami’s Buena Vista, Ostrow Brasserie is introducing a delightful synthesis of kosher rules and French culinary tradition. With a menu that promises an innovative twist on classics and a vibrant atmosphere enriched with art and music, the restaurant seems poised to become a favorite among both kosher and non-kosher diners.

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