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Michelin-star Chef Puts a Unique Twist on Classic Desserts with Skittles

Chef Michael O’Hare, a name synonymous with avant-garde cuisine and winner of a Michelin star, has taken dessert innovation to the next level. He’s incorporated the flavors of the newly launched Skittles Desserts into traditional dessert recipes, adding his unique touch.

The revered chef has crafted four unique dishes:

  1. Choco Orange Ganache – A modern take on the chocolate orange cake which he has deconstructed and paired with a rich chocolate ganache.
  2. Sweet and Smoky Strawberries – A bold combination of smoked strawberry ice cream, barbecued strawberries, and a finishing touch of silver leaf.
  3. Rainbow Alchemy – A fascinating dish where Skittles Desserts are melted, then reformed at varying temperatures. These are then dipped in colored chocolate and a cocoa butter casing that offers an unexpected burst of flavor upon biting.
  4. Watermelon Tartare – A vibrant dish where watermelon is imbued with essence extracted from the Skittles, complemented by a strawberry ice-cream sorbet also inspired by the candy.

The introduction of these innovative desserts follows research indicating a shift in dessert preferences among young Britons. A significant number of them now lean towards non-traditional sweets over classics like syllabub, figgy pudding, and cherries jubilee. In fact, nearly half of the 18 to 34-year-old respondents admitted to skipping homemade desserts for a simple bag of sweets.

Ryan Pardo-Roques, a top executive from Mars Wrigley, the company behind Skittles, mentioned their enthusiasm in collaborating with Chef O’Hare. He highlighted their shared vision of reimagining food experiences.

Further insights from the study indicate a persistent sweet tooth among Britons, with 69% confessing their fondness for sugary treats. Yet, many traditional sweet dishes seem to be losing their charm, with some even causing confusion about their ingredients. For instance, syllabub and Queen of Puddings left many puzzled.

Home bakers still have their favorites, with apple crumble leading the way, followed by Victoria sponge and cheesecake. However, a sizable portion of the population doesn’t venture into making desserts, feeling they lack the necessary skills. Most adults indulge in a dessert about twice a week, and a majority tend to stick to familiar recipes.

Chef O’Hare remarked on the evolving dessert landscape, noting the decline in traditional dinner table desserts. Through his collaboration with Skittles Desserts, he aims to rekindle interest in desserts by offering these one-of-a-kind creations, which bring ordinary flavors to life in extraordinary ways.

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