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Michel Roux Jr to Shut Down Le Gavroche in Pursuit of Work-Life Balance

Michel Roux Jr, a renowned chef, has announced the closure of his iconic London restaurant, Le Gavroche. The chef’s decision stems from a desire to maintain a healthier work-life balance and spend more time with his family.

Le Gavroche, located in Mayfair, has been a significant mark on London’s culinary map since its inauguration in 1967. It was the first in London to achieve the esteemed distinction of one, two, and eventually three Michelin stars. At present, the restaurant boasts two Michelin stars.

The restaurant legacy began with Michel Roux Sr and his brother Albert, only to be handed down to Michel Roux Jr in 1991. The restaurant has been a training ground for world-class chefs, including Gordon Ramsay and Marco Pierre White, before they embarked on their culinary ventures.

In a statement on Le Gavroche’s official website, Roux Jr stated his intentions clearly, emphasizing the need for a more balanced life and dedicating more time to family and other business interests. He mentioned, “The end of the current lease provided an opportunity to reconsider the future. With Le Gavroche consistently being fully booked, it feels right to move forward now.”

The restaurant’s unique name, which translates to “urchin” in English, is inspired by a character from Victor Hugo’s classic novel, Les Miserables.

Expressing his sentiments to The Times, Roux Jr said, “I’m genuinely weary. The daily grind of being in the restaurant has begun to diminish my enthusiasm.”

Le Gavroche is set to continue its operations until January 2024.

The announcement drew significant attention, with renowned food critic Jay Rayner taking to Twitter to express his surprise, stating, “Very few emails make my eyebrows genuinely raise. This one did… the end of an era.”

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