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Michael Beltran to Open Eva and the Oyster Bar at CocoWalk

Renowned chef Michael Beltran is set to unveil his latest culinary venture in Coconut Grove this coming fall. This endeavor has been in the works for almost three years.

Beltran, in partnership with Andrew Falsetto under the Ariete Hospitality Group (AHG), has been instrumental in elevating South Florida’s dining scene. Their illustrious portfolio includes the Michelin-starred Ariete, which began its journey in Coconut Grove in 2016. The duo subsequently introduced a variety of establishments such as the Taurus, the ScapeGoat, El Vecino, Chug’s Cuban Diner, Brasserie Laurel, and the Gibson Room.

Their upcoming dining venue, Eva and the Oyster Bar, presents a unique dual-concept that is anticipated to welcome guests by late September. Nestled on the ground level of the rejuvenated CocoWalk open-air plaza, the venue’s inauguration will commence with the Oyster Bar. This exclusive speakeasy bar, tucked at the rear of the Eva area, promises a cocktail-style seating arrangement. Patrons can look forward to a diverse range of seafood offerings, including a selection of East and West Coast oysters, aguachile, ceviche, and a medley of seafood-centric appetizers.

Beltran hints at the incorporation of familial recipes at the Oyster Bar, with inspiration drawn from his girlfriend’s mother’s clam dip, intertwined with Peruvian culinary elements.

Subsequent to the Oyster Bar’s introduction, diners will be introduced to Eva, marking Beltran’s foray into Mediterranean gastronomy. Co-created with AHG’s corporate chef, Ashley Moncada, Eva will boast both indoor and outdoor seating, complemented by a central bar. Guests can expect an amalgamation of Beltran’s innovative approach and timeless Greek recipes, including distinctive dishes like vinegar-infused fries crowned with feta cheese and banana peppers and a rich orzo preparation infused with a tomato sauce, olives, feta, and braised short rib.

Reflecting on his journey, Beltran acknowledges that the rapid expansion of AHG wasn’t initially planned. His primary goal was the success of Ariete. However, his myriad culinary concepts, coupled with the desire to bring them to fruition, propelled this growth. Citing the transformation of Chug’s from a pop-up to a full-fledged restaurant, he emphasizes AHG’s capability to diversify beyond upscale dining.

Beltran takes pride in offering over 150 distinctive dishes spanning various cuisines, underscoring his relentless drive to craft food that resonates with his creative genius.

He envisions Eva and the Oyster Bar as a homage to his fond childhood recollections of Coconut Grove. Beltran aspires for a lively ambiance where guests can effortlessly transition from the Oyster Bar’s comprehensive cocktail and raw bar offerings to Eva’s relaxed dining experience, be it lunch, happy hour, or dinner.

In Beltran’s words, “I want a space where people feel comfortable to come and go in a casual manner. It’s been a long time coming, and I’m excited to be nearing the finish line and finally see my vision come to life.”

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