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MGallery Hotel Collection: Cila Restaurant At Alwadi Doha Announces New Menu

The Alwadi Doha – MGallery Hotel Collection in Doha has unveiled an enticing new menu for its Cila restaurant, introducing a delightful blend of innovation and tradition to regional and local dishes. The menu masterfully combines age-old culinary techniques with modern flair, showcasing a range of dishes crafted from locally and regionally sourced ingredients.

Exploring the New Menu

The revamped menu showcases an array of delectable offerings that seamlessly marry contemporary and traditional Middle Eastern cooking methods. Among the highlights are:

  • Lobster Rocket Salad with Sumac: A refreshing take on seafood salad with a modern twist.
  • Tempura Vine Leaves Stuffed with Rice: A fusion of Asian influences and the Middle Eastern classic, stuffed vine leaves.
  • Mediterranean-style Grilled Octopus: A harmonious blend of Mediterranean flavors and cooking styles.

Cila restaurant has also introduced a captivating raw bar selection:

  • Kibbeh Nayeh: A beloved Levantine favorite.
  • Sea Bass Carpaccio with Tahini and Pomegranate Sauce: An innovative fusion dish uniting different culinary heritages.

For main courses, the menu offers an exquisite array:

  • Salt-crusted Sea Bass: A showcase of the region’s pristine seafood quality.
  • Lamb Kofta with Cherry Sauce: An unexpected yet delightful pairing.
  • Greek-inspired Lamb Kleftiko in Puff Pastry: A tribute to Mediterranean influences in a single dish.

And when it comes to indulgence:

  • Lemon Cheese Kunafa: An intriguing fusion of cheese and traditional Middle Eastern pastry.
  • Chocolate Fondant: A universally adored dessert with its decadent molten core.
  • Pistachio Crème Brûlée: A captivating Middle Eastern twist on the classic French dessert.

A Culinary Homage

Cila, derived from the Arabic words for “intelligent” and “wise,” embodies the essence of Middle Eastern culinary wisdom and heritage. The restaurant celebrates Qatar’s rich food traditions and pays homage to the region’s culinary legacy.

Immersive Ambiance

Drawing inspiration from Qatar’s maritime history, particularly the iconic Dhow boats that historically transported spices and ingredients across the Levant, Cila’s interior design boasts a bowed ceiling and wooden walls adorned with photographs honoring local heritage.

An Array of Delights

With five renowned restaurants and lounges, the Alwadi Doha – MGallery Hotel Collection stands as a hub for gastronomic excellence in the region. Cila’s new menu presents a culinary journey that beautifully bridges the gap between tradition and modernity, showcasing the diverse and rich food culture of the Middle East. This exciting development enhances the hotel’s reputation and adds to the vibrancy of Doha’s dining scene.

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