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Lemon Curd Recipe: An Excellent Addition To Elevate Various Dishes And Dessert

Lemon curd is a versatile and widely used cream in baking due to its affordability, delicious taste, and thick texture. It adds a wonderful citrusy flavor to various preparations and can be stored for months. Here’s how to make this exquisite lemon curd and some insights into its origins and usage:


  • 3 eggs
  • 215g sugar
  • 100g butter
  • 150 ml lemon juice
  • Zest of 2 lemons (optional)


  1. In a heat-safe container suitable for a water bath, combine all the ingredients and vigorously stir until well mixed.
  2. Set up a water bath by placing the container with the mixture over a pot of simmering water. Make sure the water doesn’t boil.
  3. Cook the mixture in the water bath while stirring continuously. The heat should be at medium temperature.
  4. After a few minutes, you’ll notice that the lemon curd starts to thicken and achieve the desired consistency.
  5. The cooking time can be adjusted based on your preference for thickness. Keep in mind that the curd will thicken further as it cools.
  6. Once the lemon curd has reached your desired thickness, pour it into sterilized jars and seal them in a vacuum in the refrigerator. This ensures that you have the lemon curd readily available for various preparations.

Origin of Lemon Curd:

Lemon curd’s history dates back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It became a tradition in England, where homemade lemon curd was used in tartlets, pies, tarts, toasts, and scones.

Initially, the need for refrigeration was a challenge, leading to the preparation of small batches as it couldn’t be preserved like jam. With advancements in cold storage technology, lemon curd is now manufactured industrially, often with preservatives and thickeners.

Usage of Lemon Curd:

Lemon curd has a wide range of uses in the culinary world:

  • It can be used to fill cheesecakes and cakes.
  • Incorporate it into muffins to create a delightful lemon-centered surprise.
  • Flavor desserts, yogurts, and other creamy creations.
  • It’s ideal for making lemon tarts, tartlets, or pies.
  • Use it as a filling for pastries along with other fillings like dulce de leche.
  • It pairs well with Chantilly cream.
  • This vacuum-packed cream can last up to a year in the refrigerator.

Lemon curd’s versatility and tangy flavor make it an excellent addition to various dishes and desserts, enhancing their taste and texture.

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