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Kasper Kurdahl Appointed as Culinary Director at VERTU Hotels and Resorts

VERTU Hotels and Resorts proudly welcomes Kasper Kurdahl into its fold as the new Culinary Director. This appointment marks a significant milestone in the luxury hotel group’s continuous pursuit of culinary excellence.

Hailing from Copenhagen, Kasper boasts a sterling track record spanning over 25 years in the premium dining sector. His culinary prowess has been honed under the tutelage of the crème de la crème of the global fine dining scene.

He has graced the kitchens of illustrious Michelin-starred establishments such as Ducasse in Paris, Jean-Georges in New York, Don Alfonso in Naples, and Mikuni in Tokyo. Remarkably, Kasper clinched the title of Executive Chef at the tender age of 27, steering the culinary ship at Domain Scholteshof, a renowned boutique hotel and restaurant situated in Belgium.

Kasper’s expertise isn’t confined to the back of the house. Stepping into a leadership role, he assumed the position of Culinary Director, where he showcased his entrepreneurial flair by launching over 15 restaurants and cafés. These establishments span food halls and upscale hotels, with locations dotted across Europe and the Middle East.

His culinary philosophies are deeply rooted in curating immersive experiences. Kasper thrives on conceptualizing creative gastronomic ventures that captivate both teams and patrons. His managerial approach is anchored in human-centric leadership, where he emphasizes clear and open communication channels within his brigade.

Kasper Kurdahl is renowned for his performance-driven mindset. His leadership mantra revolves around nurturing teams, optimizing profitability, and escalating guest satisfaction. He possesses a keen eye for detail and strives to elevate the Luxury Quality Assurance (LQA) scores.

With Kasper Kurdahl at the helm of its culinary ventures, VERTU Hotels and Resorts is poised to redefine gastronomic experiences for its esteemed clientele.

Embark on a tantalizing journey with VERTU Hotels and Resorts as they unfold a new chapter in their culinary story.

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