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Ina Garten’s Quick Chocolate Solution: Skip the Tempering

On her show, “Barefoot Contessa”, the beloved Ina Garten made a candid revelation: She just doesn’t have the patience for tempering chocolate. While most chefs adhere to this meticulous process to prevent chocolate from developing a dull gray hue, Garten has her own workaround that caters to her preference for convenience without compromising on taste.

why bother with tempering?

Tempering chocolate enhances its aesthetic appeal, imparting a lustrous shine and a silky smooth texture. Additionally, it gives chocolate that satisfying snap when broken. When chocolate isn’t tempered correctly, it can look less than appetizing and taste grainy. However, Garten offers a practical alternative for those who’d rather not fuss with the intricacies of tempering.

garten’s genius hack

For her delectable French chocolate bark, Garten simply melts her chocolate on the same day she plans to use it. She consistently stirs coarsely chopped chocolate in a makeshift double boiler – a bowl set over a pot of simmering water – until it’s completely melted, then shapes it into the bark.

avoiding the gray hue

The unsightly gray or white streaks on improperly stored or handled chocolate are a result of fat blooming. This happens when cocoa butter within the chocolate separates and becomes visible. Garten’s method limits the chances of this happening. However, it’s crucial not to overheat the chocolate, as it can become unmanageably hard.

perfect for impromptu treats

With Garten’s approach, you can quickly whip up treats like chocolate-covered strawberries for a spontaneous date night or Almond Joy imitations for a movie marathon. Even if there are a few streaks on the leftovers (if there are any!), it won’t diminish their flavor or your enjoyment. Additionally, her melted chocolate technique is also ideal for brownie batches or a drizzling sauce for your ice cream sundaes.

Ina Garten continues to show us that sometimes, the simpler methods can be just as delicious. While the traditional approach has its merits, it’s always refreshing to have alternatives that save time and effort.

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