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How to Make Authentic Amritsari Chhole Bhature

Amritsar, a culinary paradise, is famed for its luscious range of dishes, from creamy lassi to fiery fish tikka. Among its crown jewels is the classic Chhole Bhature, a delectable combination of spicy chickpea curry and deep-fried bread. If your taste buds are yearning for this Punjabi delight, here is an authentic recipe to bring the flavors of Punjab into your kitchen.

Amritsari Chhole Recipe

1. Pressure Cook Chhole

  • 500g Chickpeas (soaked 8-10 hrs)
  • 1 small Ginger (peeled & sliced)
  • 2 Garlic cloves
  • Bouquet garni (details below)
  • Pinch of salt
  • Water

2. Bouquet Garni

  • 1-inch Cinnamon stick
  • 2 Bay leaves
  • 2-3 dry Red chillies
  • 2 Black Cardamom
  • 2-3 Cloves
  • 12-15 Black peppercorns
  • 1-2 tsp Tea leaves

3. Ginger Garlic Paste

  • ½ inch Ginger (peeled & sliced)
  • 3-4 Garlic cloves
  • 2-3 Green chilli
  • Salt to taste

4. Chole Masala

  • 2½ tbsp Coriander seeds
  • 1½ tsp Cumin seeds
  • 3-4 Black cardamom
  • 15-20 Black peppercorns
  • Salt
  • 3-4 dry Kashmiri red chillies
  • ½ tsp Asafoetida
  • 1 tsp degi Red chilli powder
  • 1 tsp dry Mango powder
  • ½ tsp Carom seeds

5. Amritsari Cholle

  • 4-5 tbsp Oil
  • ¼ tsp Cumin seeds
  • Prepared Ginger Garlic Paste
  • 4-5 medium-sized Onions (finely chopped)
  • 2 tbsp prepared Cholle Masala
  • 3 medium-sized fresh Tomato puree
  • ¼ cup Cooked Cholle water
  • Pressure Cook Cholle
  • 1 tbsp Prepared Cholle Masala
  • 1 tbsp Ghee
  • 1 tbsp Coriander leaves (chopped)

6. Tadka

  • 1 tbsp Oil
  • 2-3 Green chilli (slit)
  • 1 inch peeled ginger
  • A pinch of degi red chilli powder

Cooking Method:

  1. Pressure Cooking Chhole: In a pressure cooker, add chickpeas, ginger, garlic, bouquet garni, salt, and double the amount of water. Cook for 3-4 whistles and let cool.
  2. Preparing Bouquet Garni: Use a cloth to bundle up cinnamon, bay leaves, red chillies, cardamom, cloves, peppercorns, and tea leaves. Set aside.
  3. Ginger Garlic Paste: Blend ginger, garlic, green chillies, and salt into a coarse paste.
  4. Roasting Masala: In a pan, roast coriander seeds, cumin seeds, cardamom, peppercorns, salt, and red chillies. Turn off flame and add asafoetida, red chilli powder, mango powder, and carom seeds.
  5. Making Amritsari Cholle: Heat oil in a kadhai. Add cumin seeds, ginger garlic paste, and onions. Sauté till golden brown. Stir in tomato puree and cook till it darkens. Add cholle masala. Mix in the cooked chickpeas and let simmer for 10 minutes. Mash a quarter of the chickpeas, mix in chole masala and ghee.
  6. Tadka: Heat oil and sauté green chillies, ginger, and sprinkle some red chilli powder.

Garnish the cholle with chillies and coriander. Serve piping hot with homemade bhature for an authentic Punjabi breakfast experience at home. Enjoy your culinary journey to the heart of Amritsar!

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