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Detroit Restaurant, Saffron De Twah, to Pause Operations for Half a Year

Detroit– The renowned Saffron De Twah, a staple in the Detroit dining scene, will shut its doors for a six-month interval. This decision comes as its celebrated chef, Omar Anani, opts for a well-deserved hiatus.

Anani, a notable figure in Detroit’s culinary landscape, recently clinched his second James Beard Award nomination and emerged victorious in the Food Network’s “Chopped: All-American Showdown.” While these accolades and his ongoing success would suggest everything is on the upswing, Anani sees the importance of focusing on his physical health, mental well-being, familial commitments, and enhancing the restaurant’s core strengths.

Announced via a Facebook post, the restaurant’s curtain will fall after its service on Monday, Aug. 21. However, Detroit food enthusiasts can look forward to its re-opening in March 2024.

The post elaborated, “Even with the momentum from accolades and media appearances, the strenuous nature of the culinary industry cannot be overlooked. Many chefs bear the brunt both physically and mentally, with some facing grave health challenges.” The sentiment resonated with Anani, especially considering his recent hamstring injury, signalling the need for a breather.

Nevertheless, food aficionados need not be entirely disheartened. Over its closure period, Saffron De Twah plans to continue its catering services for a range of events, from weddings to corporate retreats. Those interested can place their catering requisitions on the restaurant’s website. The Saffron Community Kitchen will also remain active, and the venue will host a series of pop-ups and exclusive ticketed events.

Additionally, the team at Saffron De Twah remains committed to its staff. Efforts will be channeled to assist them in securing alternative culinary positions during the hiatus.

For those eager to get a final taste before the brief shutdown, the restaurant will continue to serve its patrons on Mondays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, concluding its operations on Aug. 21. You can find them at 7636 Gratiot Ave.

Recently, Anani also graced CBS News Detroit to discuss the inspiration behind his unique Moroccan culinary renditions, drawing heavily from his personal cultural roots.

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