Complaints Policy

Effective Date: July 10, 2023

At Chef Olu’s Recipe Blog, we always strive to provide the highest level of service. However, we understand that there may be times when you feel that our services have not met your expectations. If that’s the case, we want to hear from you so we can improve.

  1. How to Raise a Complaint

If you are not satisfied with any aspect of our Service, please contact us by:

Postal Mail: 27, olaiya street afromedia ajangbadi, Lagos Nigeria

When submitting a complaint, please provide us with as much detail as possible, including any interactions you’ve had with our team, and why you feel dissatisfied.

  1. Acknowledgment of Complaint

We aim to acknowledge your complaint within 48 hours of receipt. We will provide you with a reference number and the name of the person handling your complaint.

  1. Investigating Your Complaint

We aim to resolve complaints within 14 working days. However, some complaints may require more time to investigate fully. In these cases, we will keep you informed of our progress and provide you with an estimated resolution timeline.

  1. Complaint Resolution

Once we have completed our investigation, we will provide you with our findings, our decision, and our reasons for reaching that decision.

  1. Escalation

If you’re not satisfied with our response, you can request that your complaint be escalated to a senior member of our team who will review your complaint and our decision.

  1. Updates to Our Complaints Policy

We may update our Complaints Policy from time to time. We will notify you of any changes by posting the updated policy on this page.

  1. Contact Us

If you have any questions about our Complaints Policy, please contact us at

Thank you for visiting Chef Olu’s Recipe Blog.”

Please note that this is a simplified Complaints Policy and may not cover all potential issues that can arise. It is always best to consult with a legal professional when creating a Complaints Policy for a website.

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