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Classic Apple Turnover With Cream: A Bakery Delight

Delight in the time-honored goodness of these classic apple turnovers with cream that epitomize the quintessential bakery treat. Infused with the gentle fragrance of vanilla, these turnovers showcase tender apple pieces nestled within a buttery puff pastry, generously accompanied by a luxurious serving of Chantilly whipped cream and a delicate dusting of icing sugar. This recipe is a must-try, and I’m here to guide you through the process!

A Slice of Bakery Nostalgia:

Channel the essence of a traditional Australian bakery with these irresistible apple turnovers. Embracing the favorites of sausage rolls and vanilla slices, this recipe brings the comfort of these classics to your kitchen.

Simple Pleasures:

Creating these delightful turnovers couldn’t be easier. The apples are cooked to perfection, ready to be spooned into the waiting embrace of store-bought puff pastry. A neat trick involves layering two rounds of puff pastry to ensure a satisfyingly layered puff once baked. Once cooled, the turnovers are filled with freshly whipped cream and crowned with a light shower of icing sugar. A simpler treat is hard to find. If desired, you can serve them warm sans cream, alongside a scoop of vanilla or caramel ice cream.

What Sets Turnovers Apart from Pies:

Dive into the delightful distinction between apple turnovers and apple pies. The portable and self-contained nature of turnovers, where the pastry is artfully folded over to encase the apple filling, sets them apart from the more traditional apple pie served in slices with a shortcrust pastry base and top.

Crafting Bakery-Quality Turnovers:

A key to achieving bakery-style turnovers lies in maintaining a thick puff pastry. While Australian supermarket puff pastry is conveniently thin, the secret here is to double up the layers, using two rounds of puff pastry. This approach creates a visually appealing and satisfyingly puffy texture. If rolling out your own puff pastry, aim for a thickness of about 3-4mm (0.12-0.16 inches) for optimal results.

Avoiding Soggy Turnovers:

The success of your turnovers hinges on striking the right balance with the apple filling’s liquid content. Apples can release varying amounts of liquid, so it’s essential to adapt accordingly. You want enough sauce to impart lushness without dampening the pastry. A cornflour and water slurry can be employed to thicken the sauce, ensuring the perfect consistency.

Freshness Matters:

To enjoy the turnovers with maximum creaminess, fill them with cream just before serving. However, turnovers without cream can be refrigerated in an airtight container for 2-3 days.

Serving Temperatures:

The turnovers are best enjoyed cold due to the cream filling. Nevertheless, they can be relished warm from the oven sans cream. A dash of creativity welcomes serving them with a scoop of velvety vanilla ice cream.

Spreading the Joy:

Reflecting the joy of sharing, these turnovers make for heartwarming gestures. Packaging and gifting these delectable treats to neighbors, friends, or loved ones spreads goodwill and culinary delight.

In a Nutshell:
These exquisite apple turnovers perfectly capture the essence of a bakery experience. From the sumptuous cream filling to the flaky puff pastry, each bite encapsulates the charm of tradition and flavor. Whether indulging at home or extending the pleasure to others, these turnovers embody the very essence of a timeless bakery favorite.

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