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Chris Bianco Enters the Bay Area Culinary Scene

Renowned Pizzaiolo and restaurateur, Chris Bianco, recognized for the acclaimed Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix and winner of the James Beard Award, is set to grace the Bay Area with his first-ever restaurant this coming autumn.

  • Carneros Resort and Spa Ventures: According to the Robb Report and Eater, Chris Bianco has undertaken the project of rejuvenating two distinct restaurant spaces at the Carneros Resort and Spa, situated on Highway 12, close to the Sonoma border in Napa County.
  • Overhauling Menus: Bianco’s culinary magic will breathe new life into the menus of both Farm, the resort’s more refined dining venue, and Market, its casual counterpart. Notably, while Market’s menu already includes pizza, this section will undergo a transformation under Bianco’s supervision. On a side note, the much-loved brunch haven, Boon Fly Cafe, also located within the resort, is expected to retain its current form.
  • Emphasis on Local Produce: In his mission to revitalize the Farm’s menu, Bianco has expressed his intent to harness the fresh produce from the resort’s garden and underscore the contributions of local producers. Drawing inspiration from the name “Farm”, Bianco desires to delve deeper into its essence and introduce a richer, more authentic dining experience.
  • Bianco’s Legacy: It’s worth noting that Pizzeria Bianco consistently features amongst America’s top pizzerias. Over time, Chef Bianco has expanded his culinary horizon, inaugurating other dining spots such as the plush Italian restaurant Tratto in Phoenix and introducing both Pizzeria Bianco and Pane Bianco to Los Angeles. The latter notably replaced Tartine at The Row in DTLA, having opened its doors this past June.
  • Bay Area’s Culinary Tapestry: Farm and Market mark Bianco’s maiden ventures into the thriving culinary tapestry of the Bay Area, renowned for its assortment of exceptional pizzas. The future may also behold more from Bianco in the region. When probed by Eater about potentially establishing a footprint in San Francisco, the chef playfully hinted, “I would never say never. I don’t say never anymore.”
  • Awaited Reopening: Culinary enthusiasts can anticipate the grand reopening of both Farm and Market post the conclusion of ongoing renovations at Farm during this fall season. In the interim period, since last April, Farm has been catering to guests with an exclusive outdoor dining setup.

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