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Celebrating 30 Years of Jaleo: A Culinary Event to Remember

As Jaleo by Jose Andres reaches the significant milestone of its 30th anniversary, the restaurant is pulling out all the stops. A once-in-a-lifetime dinner event is scheduled at Jaleo Disney Springs, spotlighting the culinary prowess of two of the brand’s most accomplished chefs: Kristoffer Anderson from Jaleo Disney Springs and Jose Dávilla from Jaleo Chicago.

The night promises an unforgettable dining adventure, where guests can indulge in a perfectly curated prix-fixe menu. This menu stands out as it marries the traditional with the modern, serving up the iconic tapas that put Jaleo on the gastronomic map.

But there’s more to this celebration than the food. The evening takes on an added dimension as both chefs have freshly returned from Spain. They were chosen by Chef Jose Andres to partake in an annual expedition across Spain, diving deep into the country’s rich culinary landscape. From uncovering fresh ingredients and mastering avant-garde techniques to getting inspired by the latest in Spanish cuisine, their recent voyage ensures that the evening’s dishes are rooted in authenticity.

While diners savor each bite, Chefs Anderson and Dávilla will further enrich the evening by sharing tales and insights from their Spanish adventure. This narrative component is bound to provide attendees with a richer understanding of the inspiration and expertise that go into every dish at Jaleo.

For those looking to be part of this culinary extravaganza, tickets are up for grabs at $255 each. This all-encompassing price includes the evening’s gourmet offerings, a selection of wines handpicked by an expert sommelier, and all additional charges. However, this event is reserved for those who are 21 and above.

Jaleo Disney Springs, with this event, reinforces its commitment to offering unmatched dining escapades. By seamlessly blending flavors, creativity, and sheer culinary skill, they promise a night that’s more than just a meal — it’s an experience.

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