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Big Zuu and KFC Team Up to Combat Food Poverty

In the wake of rising food prices and the cost-of-living crisis, rapper and chef Big Zuu is taking action. Partnering with fried chicken giant KFC and the food redistribution charity FareShare, Big Zuu is spearheading an initiative to crowdsource the UK’s favorite chicken recipes. The goal? To provide nourishing, tasty meals to those most in need.

Key Highlights:

  • The Competition: Brits are encouraged to share their best chicken recipes on social platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. They can participate using the hashtag #DishUp and mentioning @KFC_UKI. The deadline for entries is September 3rd.
  • The Rewards: The top 10 recipes will be selected, and their creators will be invited to prepare them in local community kitchens.
  • Backing a Good Cause: This initiative is about more than just food; it’s about community, connection, and ensuring everyone has access to good meals. As Big Zuu aptly puts it: “Everyone deserves access to food… It’s not right, and that’s what this campaign wants to change.”
  • A Growing Problem: ONS data paints a grim picture with one in 20 adults running out of food due to financial constraints. This campaign is a direct response to the rising food poverty in the UK.
  • KFC’s Ongoing Support: KFC’s involvement is part of their sustained commitment to FareShare. The brand aims to provide the equivalent of 12 million meals by 2024, using surplus produce from its numerous UK outlets.

Feedback from Partners:

  • Kris Gibbon-Walsh of FareShare highlighted the acute challenges many families face, especially during the summer holidays when free school meals aren’t available.
  • Jenny Packwood of KFC UK & Ireland reiterated the brand’s stand against food waste and the rising issue of food poverty. By tapping into the creativity of the British public, KFC hopes to inspire community kitchens with diverse chicken recipes.
  • Zahra Sul from The SPACE Hub in Notting Hill stressed the importance of KFC’s contributions, noting that the chicken provided ensures a crucial protein source for those they serve.

Final Thoughts:

Big Zuu’s campaign is a heartwarming reminder that collaboration and community can make a difference, even in challenging times. Combining the power of a popular brand like KFC with the outreach of FareShare and the influence of Big Zuu provides a hopeful response to the pressing issue of food poverty. The nation now looks forward to discovering the top chicken recipes and, more importantly, witnessing their impact on local communities.

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