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Aaron Drever: From Real Estate Agent to Chef

Aaron Drever’s journey from being a real estate agent to pursuing a career as a chef is marked by significant challenges and a desire for a simpler life. Here are the key points from his story:

  1. Legal Troubles: Aaron Drever faced legal troubles that resulted in a 24-month prison sentence. He was convicted of defrauding a race promoter and a bowling club of around $600,000. This led to the loss of his real estate license and subsequent bankruptcy.
  2. Failed Business Venture: After his release from prison, Drever attempted to open a supermarket but was unsuccessful. His illicit activities involved submitting fraudulent invoices and selling a bowling alley to a company he had created.
  3. Desire for a New Path: While serving his sentence, Drever decided to pursue a career in culinary arts. He worked in the prison kitchens and began to study the culinary arts.
  4. Assault in Prison: Drever’s time in prison was marred by an assault by another inmate in the kitchen, which resulted in his hospitalization. He expressed concerns for his safety while incarcerated.
  5. Parole Conditions: The Parole Board acknowledged Drever’s safety concerns and ordered him to complete a psychological course. He is required to attend a reintegration meeting, complete the course, and refrain from financial roles as part of his parole conditions.
  6. Personal Growth: Drever admitted that his crimes were driven by greed and selfishness. He expressed a desire for a stable and simple life after his release, emphasizing that he had changed during his time in prison and was committed to working hard.
  7. Legal Challenges: Drever faces ongoing legal issues related to his girlfriend’s chain of potato chip stores and intends to fight the charges.
  8. Future as a Chef: Despite his past troubles, Drever is excited about returning to the kitchen and pursuing a career as a chef.

This story highlights a journey of personal transformation and the pursuit of a new path in life after facing legal challenges and incarceration.

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