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A Tribute to Indonesia’s Culinary Heritage at Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta

The allure of Indonesia’s rich culinary traditions takes center stage in the heart of Jakarta, as the Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta offers a sublime encounter – the Pesona Rempah Afternoon Tea.

Between August 8 and November 26, 2023, guests can be transported through a gastronomic tapestry that marries the sweet and savory, all while celebrating Indonesia’s rich array of native ingredients. This sensory journey is crafted meticulously under the guidance of Executive Pastry Chef Lorenzo Sollecito.

This endeavor isn’t just a solo act. It comes to life in a grand collaboration with Javara Indonesia. It invites the guests on a journey that traverses the vast Indonesian archipelago, offering glimpses from the bountiful tropics of Papua to the hidden culinary treasures of North Sumatra. More than just a feast for the palate, this is an homage to the hardworking farmers and the artisans who are the pillars of these culinary wonders.

In reflection, Chef Lorenzo says, “Our collaboration with Javara – a name synonymous with quality and community involvement – is our attempt to put a spotlight on Indonesia’s culinary prowess, and to honor the visionaries of our regional food scene.”

The heart of Javara’s mission is to bring back to life Indonesia’s treasured food biodiversity. This program beautifully interlaces delicious flavors with a commitment to sustainability. With Javara’s commitment to upholding traditional methods of cultivation and consumption, it paints a comprehensive story of gastronomy.

Guests are treated to unique creations, among them:

  • Kopi, Bunga Pala & Arenga Nectar: A rich blend of Balinese coffee beans that have been cold-infused with the sweet richness of palm sap syrup.
  • Wedang Ronde: An exquisite dark chocolate shell creation accented with an assortment of Indonesian spices including cardamom and lemongrass.

For those leaning towards the savory, the menu does not disappoint:

  • Cassava Spicy Combro: Enriched with wild aromatic ginger, it’s a bite that tantalizes.
  • White Sorghum Money Bag: A manifestation of meticulous artisanship.

The invitation is open for all who seek quality time coupled with luxury. The Pesona Rempah Afternoon Tea is available daily, from 2:00 to 5:00 pm, up until November 26, 2023. This experience is set against the opulent backdrops of the hotel’s La Patisserie and Palm Court.

The journey is more than just about food; it’s about celebrating the legacy and future of Indonesia’s culinary heritage.

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